What makes the Kentucky Talent Search Competition better than other contests?

At KTSC, we are actually looking for talented bands, artists, and singers that we can help.

The KTSC is designed to offer bands and songwriters a positive alternative to the "big-cash-prize" corporate contests.

The KTSC emphasizes networking and educational benefits for bands, singers, and songwriters.

We offer a respectful and attentive review where most contests often give nothing more than a quick listen.

How is the Kentucky Talent Search Competition different?

The KTSC is based on entirely different values than those of the large corporate contests.

High entry fees and ruthless competition, we believe, are NOT helpful to artists, or to the art of making music.

In all phases of our talent contest, we value quality over quantity.

For example, EVERYONE who enters our contest can expect the following if they are a winner:

Awards & prizes in all categories. (More winners, more awards, more prizes!)

ALL contest participants are notified upon receipt of their entries;

Affordable entry fees.

Wow! So what do the winners get?

Some good stuff. (See the Prizes link above.)

In addition to prizes and awards, winning a talent contest can have an important positive impact on an artist's self-confidence.

Aren't some song contests more about production than the perfomance or songwriting?

Unfortunately, that's sometimes true. But it's not true with the KTSC! 

Judges are instructed to evaluate performance and songs NOT the quality of the recording or video.

We focus on the performers pitch, emotion, originality, and vocal range.

We focus on the bands overall style, sound, and originality.

We focus on creative songwriting excellence — effective lyrics, memorable melody & skillful use of songwriting techniques.

Are amateur artists expected to compete with established professionals in the KTSC?

No. Our event is open to amateur and semi-pro artists only, not pro's who make over $15,000 from performing or publishing.

What if I have a song that doesn't seem to fit a specific category?

Just choose whatever category seems closest.

An outstanding song will not be passed over because it doesn't seem to fit a category.

And remember, the same song can be entered in more than one category.

What if a judge really likes my song and wants to contact me personally?

Judges who are publishers, producers or recording artists are always looking for great bands, singers, songs, and lyrics.

If they hear material they're interested in, they can request the artist's name.

When the contest is over, we will contact the artist for permission to pass along his/hers information to the interested parties.

Can bands, singers, and songwriters outside Kentucky. participate?

Absolutely. Bands, singers, and songwriters around the region are invited to participate in this competition.

If you live outside Kentucky remember that we will be holding the regional and final competitions in Kentucky.

Will my song be judged on the quality of my demo?

KTSC Judges focus on the actual performance or song, NOT the production quality of the recording or video.

How about copyright protection on songs I enter?

All songs and lyrics are considered to be copyright-protected and ALL WRITERS RETAIN ALL RIGHTS TO THEIR WORK.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. There are 2 easy options to enter by mail or online. For details, please see Rules & Entry

Does it make any difference if I submit songs using regular mail or priority mail?

No, all that matters is that your entries are mailed on or before our annual postmark deadline.

Where does the contest money go?

The contest is sponsored by Progressive Production, a trusted Nashville based production company for bands, songwriters, singers, and publishers. 

Beyond the costs of organizing the contest, providing prizes and publicizing the event, the proceeds go to support the prizes, recording fees, mastering fees, artwork fees, and CD duplication fees for the winners.