There's more to the Kentucky Talent Search Competition than a production deal!

Many artists enter the KTSC mostly to get their songs heard and get feedback from knowledgeable music-industry professionals.

The philosophy of the KTSC is distinctively different from the lottery-style competitions that receive 20,000 to 30,000 entries each year.

With 200-300 entries we'll have enough to cover our recording, mastering, and packaging costs.  We want to help a great artist/band!

How Songs Are Judged

Judges base their evaluations on the universal hallmarks of artistic excellence.

We listen for engaging vocals, catchy beats, hooky intros, solid musicianship, great lyrics, memorable melodies, and songwriting craft.

Cover entries are judged by the ability to communicate the song with the artist's own style.

Note: Judges focus on the quality of performance, the artist, band, or song - Not the quality of the recording or video.

Three Rounds of Judging

Level One — All entries in all categories are judged by helpful and knowledgeable music-industry professionals.

Level Two — Judges advance 30 bands, singers, and/or songwriters to regional finals.  Of these 30 artists, 10 will be from each region. 

The runner up from each region will be awarded a Prize.  The winner of each region will compete for the Grand Prize.

Level Three — Grand Prize Winner of the KTSC is selected from the First Place regional winners!

Kentucky Talent Search Competition 2012 Judges

Davey T Hamilton is an independent Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Record Producer.  He has written and recorded with some of the top songwriters and producers in Nashville.  Hamilton's roots run deep in the Bluegrass state.  As a University of Kentucky graduate, he bleeds blue and his family hails from the hills in Rowan county.  "I love Kentucky and know there are a lot of talented people in the state!" says Davey.  "I look forward to watching/hearing some great singers, bands, and songwriters competing in this competition.  Hopefully, KTSC can help an unknown act get discovered.  But most importantly, the grand prize winner will have a major label quality album that they can sell and use to promote their music.  This should give them the ability to build a fan base.  I hope we can help jumpstart the career for a band, singer, or songwriter."

Rod Glidewell is a Recording/Mixing Engineer, Record Producer, and Recording Studio owner.  Believe it or not, he used to own the SSL console on which the Legendary Dookie album by Green Day was recorded and mixed!  Steve has worked with 100's of singers, bands, and songwriters during his 20 plus years in the music business.  He hails from Los Angeles where he has worked with many big and small name acts.  Because of his love for Contemporary Country Music, Steve has made Nashville his primary choice for residence during the last 6 years.  Aside from his incredible ears and superb knowledge in the recording studio environment, he is also a former performer.  He played in bands for many years in the Los Angeles area back in the 80's/90's and rubbed shoulders with many of the great hairbands (Poison, Guns N' Roses, Ratt, and many more).  This makes him a great addition to the KTSC judge panel.  "I look forward to working with the KTSC regional winners and making a great album with the Grand Prize winner!"  says Steve.  "This is going to be a great contest!"

Danny Bentley is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, and session musician.  Growing up in Pikeville Kentucky, he started playing music at a very young age.  He will be the first to tell you that being cousins with the Legendary Ralph Stanley doesn't make you a Bluegrass musician.  "I play Bluegrass, but I love playing Contemporary Pop and Country music" says Danny.  Before he relocated to Nashville, he was a regular performer and house musician at the Kentucky Opry/Mountain Arts Center.  When he isn't playing Steel Guitar on stage with Ken Mellons or Davey T Hamilton, he makes guitar cases which are sold all over the world.  With his great ear for solid musicianship, Danny makes a great addition to the KTSC judge panel.  "I feel like I can fill in the gaps for Davey and Steve" says Danny.  "Plus, I also hope to find a great undiscovered talent in my home state of Kentucky!"